Isagenix Diet – What Is It And How Does It Work?

Isagenix Diet – What Is It And How Does It Work? November 6, 2017

If you want to restore your health while getting rid of the excess pounds, look no further than the Isagenix diet. This diet is very popular among those who want to feel, look, and sleep better. Health experts also recommend this diet plan for its many benefits. It can help you de-stress, ensuring a complete balance between the body and mind.

Isagenix Diet Plan For Weight Loss

  1. What Is The Isagenix Diet?
  2. Overview Of The Isagenix Diet
  3. What Makes The Isagenix Diet Plan Different?
  4. The Isagenix Diet Plan
  1. Foods To Eat
  2. Foods To Avoid
  3. Isagenix Diet Plan Recipe
  4. Role Of Exercise
  5. Benefits Of The Isagenix Diet
  6. Side Effects Of The Isagenix Diet
  7. Dos & Don’ts

1. What Is The Isagenix Diet?

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The Isagenix diet aims to shift the body’s state from acidic to alkaline and reduce any form of inflammation existing within the body. This is achieved through two phases – cleansing the toxins from the body, and supplying it with adequate nutrients. The program helps clean out wastes and toxins from the digestive tract, improves brain health, and enhances the functioning of the immune system.

Typically, diets can be monotonous and difficult to adhere to. You will require high levels of motivation to see a diet through. The Isagenix diet is unique because it is not just a mere diet to lose weight. It is a change of lifestyle. And once you begin this program, you will see your body and health in a totally different light.

The Isagenix diet offers two programs. One is a 9-day program, while the other is a 30-day program. Both programs focus on cleansing the body thoroughly and providing it with the right nutrient support to help maintain optimal health and weight.

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2. Overview Of The Isagenix Diet

Whether you opt for the 9-day or 30-day program, the Isagenix diet is divided into two types of days – days when you need to consume shakes, and days when you need to cleanse your body.

On both types of days, you would have to use a combination of products and consume snacks along with certain supplements to facilitate weight loss and keep your energy levels high.

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3. What Makes The Isagenix Diet Plan Different?

Most diets have a very strict regimen that needs to be followed to see the desired results. This can have a detrimental effect on your health, making the entire purpose of the diet counter-effective. The Isagenix diet eliminates the ill effects and uncomfortable trips to the toilet. This is because the shake and cleansing days work together to improve health and flush out toxins from the body.

The primary focus of the diet is to nourish the body with the right nutrients while ensuring that the impurities that lead to weight gain are removed from your system. There are no restrictive measures in this diet. Instead, the diet encourages reduced calorie intake along with vital consumption of vitamins and minerals that support overall health and well-being.

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4. The Isagenix Diet Plan

  • Shake Days

Isagenix Diet Plan - Shake Days Pinit

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On the so-called ‘shake’ days, you need to consume a special shake for breakfast and dinner. This shake is made from milk protein, whey, required amounts of carbs, good fats, fiber, and micronutrients.

This shake provides you with 23 grams of protein and about 300 calories of energy. Your lunch should not be more than 400 to 600 calories.

On shake days, you can also have snacks, such as almonds, walnuts, celery sticks, cashews or hard-boiled eggs.

Between a meal and snack, you can opt to take a fat burner capsule or a product similar to a laxative to cleanse your body out. However, this is optional and not necessary for the Isagenix diet program to be a success.

Follow this diet plan for the first two days.

Meal What To Eat
Early Morning 1 glass warm water with half a lime
Breakfast Isagenix Ionix Supreme + IsaLean shake
Lunch Options:
  • Boiled egg and greens salad
  • Asparagus and baked fish