Are Those Nasty Genital Warts Irritating You? These 6 At-Home Remedies Will Definitely Help You

Are Those Nasty Genital Warts Irritating You? These 6 At-Home Remedies Will Definitely Help You November 6, 2017

An attack of the dreaded genital warts is nothing short of horrifying. The infection is quite synonymous with discomfort, pain, and anxiety. It’s embarrassing enough to endure it without having to talk to a doctor about it.

How about a few effective home remedies? I hear certain household ingredients can help you seal the lid on the problem. Find out how.

Those Nasty Warts:

Before you panic at any suspicious looking development around your nether regions, understand genital warts better. Transmitted sexually, either protected or unprotected (makes no difference to the virus apparently), genital warts are caused by HPV or Human Papilloma Virus (1).

The warts appear as flesh-colored lumps or large discolored outgrowths on the skin and mucous membranes. Sadly, the genital area is the target for these uncomfortable, itching eruptions. They commonly occur on the penis, urethra, vulva, vagina, cervix and in and around the anus.

Why did the virus choose to knock on your doors? Reasons could be,

  • Multiple sexual partners
  • Improper hygiene
  • Skin contact with an infected sexual partner
  • Poor immunity

HPV infection has no permanent treatment. Hence, infected partners will continue to carry the virus for a lifetime. A large percentage of the infected individuals are symptom-free.

How Do You Manage Them?

The best course of treatment for genital warts is the topical removal of the warts themselves (2). Though they tend to recur, these growths spontaneously regress too (3).

Meanwhile, let us hasten to handle the warts with home remedies.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Is Your Best Bet, But It Stings:

genital warts Pinit


Apple cider vinegar is the top ingredient vouched for by many genital warts sufferers. It seems to dry up the warts and kill the darned virus effectively.

Apply apple cider vinegar to a cotton pad or ball. Apply it to the affected skin and tape it in place. This burns! So, apply a little petroleum jelly around the area to temper the storm. After about 3 hours, remove the cotton pad, rinse thoroughly and reapply a fresh one.

Repeat the process as often as you want. Within a few days to a week, the warts drop away from the skin.

2. Castor Oil For Those Uncomfortable Moments:

Castor Oil For Those Uncomfortable Moments Pinit


Castor oil can rescue you from uncomfortable genital warts much the same way as apple cider vinegar. The oil’s antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties will take care of the problem quickly.

Tape on a cotton pad soaked with castor oil over the affected area. Let it stay on overnight, and wash it the morning after. Exfoliate the area gently with a sponge.

Follow the procedure regularly, and before long the warts will change color and fall off.

3. Doesn’t Garlic Ward Away Bad Mojo?:

Doesn’t Garlic Ward Away Bad Mojo Pinit


Yes, garlic can drive away not just bad mojo but also genital warts. Garlic is pretty famous among the anti-viral police force and will surely get you out of your little fix.

Make a paste from 2 or 3 garlic cloves and apply it over the warts. Bandage the area and leave it for 2 hours. Later, wash with warm water. Repeat the process thrice a day until you’re rid of the problem.

4. Pour Tea Tree Oil (This Might Pain):

Pour Tea Tree Oil Pinit


Tea Tree oil can cause minor irritation on the skin if used directly. So, mix it with almond oil or coconut oil or olive oil. Apply the mixture over the affected area, wait for 2 hours and rinse away. The oil’s antiseptic qualities will treat those genital warts gradually.

5. Onions Did The Trick, Didn’t they?:

Onions Did The Trick, Didn’t they Pinit


Onions are right up there with garlic among the anti-viral police. They can help remove warts, stop them from spreading and quicken the healing process.

Sprinkle salt on two sliced onions and leave them overnight. Later, crush the slices using a spoon to extract the juice. Utilize the juice just as you have used the garlic.

6. No More Itching, Hello Aloe Vera:

No More Itching, Hello Aloe Vera Pinit


Aloe Vera can put the spring back in your feet with its soothing effect on the skin. Apply Aloe Vera gel to the affected area with a cotton pad. Keep it in place overnight and wash off in the morning.

Applied once every day, Aloe Vera reduces the itching and irritation associated with genital warts with its anti-inflammatory qualities. It will take time to heal (maybe about a month), but results are assured.

These were picked among the most effective home remedies to treat genital warts. Those who used them consider the remedies fail-proof. Have more to share? Do leave your comments below.