11 Best Eye Makeup Tips that will change your Life

Best Eye Makeup Tips

This year, we decided to devote four issues to celebrating, investigating, and having a lot of fun with a single feature — and we started with the Eye Makeup tips for January 2018.

It is our humble hope that this guide and the three that follow (on skin, hair, and lips) are ones you won’t part with. They’ll be packed with the absolute best products, salon and spa recommendations, serious inspiration, and as you will find below, the best expert tips.

When Allure started in 1991, we pretty much invented eye-makeup tips and even we’ve never heard some of this brilliant pro advice. Presenting the 101 best eye-makeup tips, according to makeup artists, that we could find:

1. Apply colorful shadow to your lids and lower lash lines with a damp brush, then switch to a dry brush for the creases so the color fades away. — Nick Barose. 

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2. Fix a broken eye shadow palette with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Move the shards back together, spray, then press lightly and let dry. — Francelle Daly

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eye-makeup-brush3. You can make any color eye shadow multidimensional by layering two textures of the same shade. Press a shimmering powder over a sparkling cream. — Mally Roncal

4. The old rule — to play up your eyes or lips, not both — is begging to be broken. Just keep your eye makeup and lipstick in the same color family and they’ll work together. — Nick Barose

5. Line your upper waterlines in black to define the eyes and the lower ones in beige to make your eye color stand out. — Francelle Daly

6. Brighten up your eyes by framing them with highlighter. Tap a champagne or gold cream above the tails of the brows and just over the cheekbones. — Mally Roncal

7. While your mascara is still wet, quickly push your lashes up with your fingers to curl them. — Sir John

8. To create the perfect wing, draw a dot about two millimeters up and out from the outer corner of each eye, then connect the dots to your lash lines. — Charlotte Tilbury

9. Using one color on the whole face — like dusting the same color blush across the lids and cheeks — is so pretty because it doesn’t look done up. — Gucci Westman

10. Using only creamy formulas — like golden-taupe or peachy-brown cream shadows — around the eyes gives you a really beautiful, dewy, healthy effect. — Diane Kendal

11. Press a shimmery cream shadow onto the middle of your eyelids, then swish it back and forth with a soft nylon brush for an easy blended look. — Jillian Dempsey


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